Avoid Foreclosure

Banks have been caught...

Making last minute changes to a mortgage's type, terms and / or interest, inflating appraisals to get loans for more than a property is worth, and even charging exorbitant fees for services that often were never even rendered. These practices and many others have come to be known as "predatory lending".

In addition, law firms contracted by some of this nation's e largest mortgage holders are under Federal investigation for fraudulently "robo-signing" affidavits used in over 50,000 foreclosure cases.

Repeated use of these unscrupulous, unethical - out right unconscionable tactics - have been used to bleed people of their hard earned wages. When wages failed to carry the burden they were driven from their homes.

If you are on the verge of losing your home you are not alone. You could very well have been victimized by the same illegal tactics that have left millions homeless. Banks have enlisted the aid of law firms to represent their best interests and this will not stop until victims - like you - enlist the aid of law firms to represent your best interests.

It's time you stood up. It's time stood up for your rights. It's time you stood up and made your voice heard. It's time you tell the bank these sorts of practices will not be tolerated.

It's time to tell the bank this stops now.

Why Choose Us?


I have witnessed first hand too often the devastation foreclosure can cause. That is why I approach each case with a no nonsense focus on what matters most - saving your home.

As the author of both The Do it Yourself Foreclosure Defense Manual and The Definitive Florida Foreclosure Guide. Rory is an authority on foreclosure defense. Additionally Rory is plugged into a network of foreclosure attorneys throughout the state and nation that provides each member with up to the minute case law and status for every foreclosure situation. Having received training by the renowned Foreclosure Defense expert, April Charney, Rory is dedicated to providing proper and well researched defenses to every foreclosure client.

If retained Rory will advise you regarding the economic realities of STRATEGIC DEFAULT, the reasons why a trial loan modification may not be in your best interest, why the moral arguments made by the plaintiff fail to account for their culpability in fraudulent appraisal schemes as well as how to uncover potential bank fraud in the prosecution of some foreclosure matters.

    1. Preparation and filing of insightful and proper pleadings, documents and discovery materials
      1. Motion to Dismiss or Alternatively For a More Definite Statement: Often times the plaintiff Bank or Servicer fails to identify themselves or fails to properly plead ownership of the note and or mortgage in the complaint. We will forcefully challenge every allegation made by the plaintiff.
      2. Enhanced and specific Discovery Materials: we will file well crafted;
        1. Requests for Admissions - forcing the plaintiff to admit whether they properly own and hold the note and mortgage and whether they were in possession of the note when it was lost
        2. Requests for Production - forcing the plaintiff to produce the documents that delineate the chain of title of the note
        3. Written Interrogatories - forcing the plaintiff to answer the tough questions necessary before proceeding with a foreclosure
      3. Motion To Compel: Should the plaintiff fail to respond to the discovery requests within the proper thirty day period we will seek an Order from the Judge forcing the plaintiff to respond. If the plaintiff fails to respond we will use that failure to prevent them going forward with the foreclosure.
      4. Response to Motion For Summary Judgment: We will prepare and file a proper response to every Motion for Summary Judgment filed by a plaintiff including memorandum of law and recent and controlling case citations in a legal and thoughtful effort to prevent a Summary Judgment from being entered against you.
    2. Loan Modifications and Short Sales: Beware of loan modifications and short sales that do not fully protect you.
      1. We can provide assistance with loan modifications making sure that you are protected from suspense accounts and other tricks employed by the Servicer to obtain payments from you to fund the foreclosure against you.
      2. Short sales that do not address the deficiency judgment are of little or no value to the borrower. We provide you with proper advice regarding each and every issue involving a short sale. Protecting you is the goal.

"Did an excellent job on my case. He got me a great result and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great attorney in Fl."

-2010-12-17, Naples Florida

"Thanks for helping me! You give good service and saved my home!"

-2010-12-12, Boca Raton Florida